Canelo Alvarez looking to Dethrone “Money” Mayweather

On June 24, 2013, in Sports, by Joshua N. Melendez

Saul “Canelo” (Cinamon) Alvarez has defied the odds so far and become one of the best fighters alive today. He has worked his way to a 43 and 0 record with 31 of his wins coming by way of knockout. Alvarez has strung together a list of impressive wins including wins over: Austin “No Doubt” Trout from Las Cruces NM, Carlos Baldomir, Lovemore N’dou, Ryan Rhodes, Kermit Cintron, and “Sugar” Shane Mosley. Most sports have rings for champions, boxing has belts, which Alvarez has racked up in bulk over 22 years. No, Alvarez has not had a 22 year career to do this, he is ONLY 22 years old! Two of the more prestigious and recognized belts Alvarez holds are the WBC Light Middleweight Championship and The Ring Light Middleweight Championship which he is going to defend on September 14, 2013. More importantly on this night he is not only looking to win the coveted Super Light Middleweight Championship belt, and take it away from “Money May” Floyd Mayweather Jr. but promises a win. Mayweather has proven to be one of the greatest fighter in this generation if not the greatest. In an article by author Miguel Rivera on, Rivera quotes Alvarez as saying “I PROMISE THAT I WILL WIN.”

This by far will be Alvarez’ biggest challenge in his boxing career. Alvarez is the bigger and stronger fighter but Mayweather, even at an older age is the best pure boxer alive and brings experience, speed, and an uncanny ability to dodge and block punches. In most cases this ability to make opponents miss and look foolish, especially with power punches, takes away the one advantage some boxers may have on him. Canelo says “Mayweather is fast, but he only throws one or two punches and then moves. He has a good defense, but we are going to have a great strategy to win.” It is crucial that this is true and Alvarez and his camp have a great strategy to out strategize the most strategic boxer. The question here is can Alvarez out “Mayweather” Mayweather, meaning not out power but out box the best pure boxer alive.

The younger Canelo Alvarez should be able to absorb Mayweathers punches, but he has to have the stamina to be able to counter for 12 rounds. Mayweather has yet to be even knocked down in his professional career, leaving most fights without even a mark or blemish on his face. Alvarez is out to do accomplish to what so far has been impossible for all challengers in beating “Money” Mayweather. This being said, out of all of Mayweather’s opponents Alvarez (in my opinion) has the best chance to do so, but will have to put on the performance of a lifetime.

In a new era mostly dominated by MMA, Canelo Alvarez has the chance to not only to dethrone the king (Mayweather) but also give life back to boxing, which has taken a back seat and almost flatlined  in US popularity due to MMA style of fighting. A win here will be of magnitudes for first and foremost Canelo Alvarez, the world of boxing, and Latinos. Mayweather is very much disliked for his big mouth, bad attitude, and disrespect towards Latinos / Mexicans. This includes coming out to the ring in a sombrero and poncho to mock Mexican heritage and even re-naming Mexican holiday Cinco De Mayo to “Cinco De Mayweather.” This equivalent would be Alvarez fighting on Martin Luther King Day, re-naming it as “Canelo is King Day” and coming out to the fight wearing a dashiki. Its tasteless and disrespectful on every level.


Alvarez must come out composed, in top shape, focused, and on target like a marksman to dethrone the Super Light Middleweight Champ. Almost everyone is picking against the young Mexican warrior in this title fight in September. In all honesty its hard to pick someone to lose that has never lost in his sport.  Alvarez has the power to knockout any of his competitors including Maywether, problem is being able to transfer that power from his glove to Maywether’s body. I say, if anyone is up to this challenge, it is Canelo Alvarez! I look forward to September in cheering on Alvarez in his attempt to make history. I will be rooting for Canelo Alvarez as a boxing fan and as a Latino, to be the one to accomplish what every other fighter has failed to do, and that’s shut the mouth of Mayweather and take his belt.




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