Frankie Sanchez: The Man Behind the Hands

On August 12, 2013, in Sports, by Joshua N. Melendez


frankie sanchez Frankie Sanchez is a  man stepping out from behind his hands to make a
difference in his home state of Colorado and also the Latino community.
Sanchez’s hands have introduced many fighters to canvases, mats, and floors
over the years throughout his extensive and impressive boxing, MMA, and
wrestling careers. Not only has Frankie been behind his hands most of his
life but he has been the man behind some other heavy and famous hands as
well, such as: Oscar ” The Golden Boy” De La Hoya (Olympic / Professional
boxing champion),  Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva (MMA Pride Champion /
UFC fan favorite), Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz (World Boxing Champion), Bobby “The
Dominator” Lashley (WWE superstar and MMA fighter), and currently in talks to train Diego “The Nightmare” Sanchez for his upcoming fight against Gilbert Melendez. As if this wasn’t impressive enough. he was also the sparring partner for 6X World Boxing  Champion Roberto Duran! This list isjust a few of many people Sanchez has trained through his career.     So by extension of hands, he is technically responsible for  literally introducing thousands of  fighters to the canvas or mat! To dumb it down, if for some reason you can’t get the picture; this is one Latino you do not want to mess

Frankie Sanchez also has a lighter side, and a heart for the community.
“Frankie volunteers thousands of hours and dollars each year to community
groups, Churches, clubs and schools worldwide. He now works as a volunteer
with the Aurora Police Boxing Club and Cops Fighting Cancer Organizations.
He is also the former fundraising chairman for CESDA Colorado Educational Services and
Development Association program that teaches local high school, Jr. high and
elementary students the importance of attending higher education.”

We Salute Mr. Sanchez for being a positive and effective role model for
Latinos. I see people who pretend to give back and be a motivational person
strictly for personal benefit, but Frankie Sanchez is the real deal! Below
is some more information on what events  are coming up soon:


IMG_9002     IMG_5989_2

The event is an annual conference, the Tactical Development Symposium, September 5-7, 2013. It is a 3 day, law enforcement, military, and 1st responder training conference. We have 22 instructors from around the country that have committed to spend those 3 days doing lectures for these guys/gals in their various areas of expertise, coined as experts in these areas by their experiences not just their resumes. Over the 3 days, each instructor will lecture 1-2 times a day for an 1hr, 45min, which will allow attendees to move throughout the conference and attend many different training sessions/lectures.

Part of the conference is a banquet, raffle and MMA event on Friday, September 6. This is all included in the seminar fee to the attendees, and the MMA event will be opened up to the public. The banquet and raffle portion of the evening is prior to the MMA event and is only for the attendees and instructors from the conference. A second fundraiser, an auction during the fights will occur as well which the public attending the MMA event can participate in.

We are raising money this year for the raffle and auction is Helping Hands for Freedom, Helping Hands for Freedom is dedicated to supporting military children of the fallen, wounded and deployed. HHFF aims to improve children’s lives through compassion, honor, mentorship and leadership programs. They responsibly allocate funds from gracious donors to a variety of in-house programs, as well as outside programs and organizations.

Frankie Sanchez, The Greatest     IMG_9465

(Frankie with the G.O.A.T. Ali)


If you are in the Colorado area be sure to get out and support these events they are for a great cause!

Joshua N. Melendez

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