What’s Holding Back Latinos From Being Successful?

On February 23, 2015, in News, Wake up Latinos, by Joshua N. Melendez

Question: What’s holding back Latinos from being successful?

The answer: Latinos

Let me elaborate, It is important to understand that the power is in numbers and in the people. According to the U.S. Census Bureau the Hispanic/Latino population was an estimated 9.6 million in 1970. Where we stand now, the next projected decade in the year 2020 it is estimated that there will be 59.7 million Hispanic/Latinos living in the United States. Before we go any further, let that really sink in. Here are a few other facts about us (Latinos) in America:  We are the fastest growing population, we are at +50 million population, we are projected to be 33% of the U.S. population by 2050. Now here is where they really pay attention, our buying power was 1.2 TRILLION dollars a year and expected to by 1.5 by the end of this year; that means we possess 11% of America’s spending power. This is what corporate mainstream America see’s when the word Hispanic or Latino is brought up, but that’s another story for another time.

Because we are immigrants we have  adopted a mindset that we are second-rate Americans, even though this great nation was founded by other immigrants. We have been trained to believe we are supposed to work in labor, construction, cleaning, and service industries and that college isn’t for us. There is nothing wrong with any of these industries, they provide a way to make a living for millions of workers; but why not think bigger? A revolution can be started by a question, but we haven’t been asking the right questions. One of my biggest questions is: Why don’t we support each other? Sure, we have certain organizations that “say” they want to help our people, but even the smallest of communities have that. What I have found to be true among  a lot of Latinos and Latino organizations is that they want to unite and work in unison, but only when it benefits them. When it comes to assisting others these same people are nowhere to be found. It’s as if we have a selfish mentality that if one Latino is successful than the next one can’t be, and if I’m not going to be a success than neither are you. In all reality it’s the opposite, if I’m successful then I can help others be successful. Success follows success!

The main point I’m making is, as it stands now we (Latinos) have the ability to influence every facet of the U.S. if we communicate, collaborate, and move in unison for the good of our people. We have the numbers and spending power to create our own successful entrepreneurs, business men and women, we can empower each other and in turn generate our own millionaires, influencers, and leaders. This cannot be achieved if we stay divided and broken down into smaller groups, that takes away the force and momentum of a movement. I understand as Latinos we can have a different origin and upbringing and yes that sense of knowing where you come from is something to be proud of. We all want to take ownership of where our ancestors, grandparents, parents, and even where some of us come from; whether it be Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Columbia, and the list goes on. Look at it this way: There is nothing threatening about a drop of water, as in the big picture, there is nothing threatening about a person as an individual. However, if water moves in together at some capacity it can create waves, which can be a very strong movement and not easy to stop. Now if all these nonthreatening, individual, drops of water move in unison, they can create something much more powerful than ever imagined when looking at one drop. A tidal wave or tsunami is one of the most powerful movements that we know and there is nothing that can stop it on earth! We can achieve this, but it starts with you and me. The only thing that can stop us, is us, and we’ve done a great job so far.  It’s time we become the difference, it takes change to inspire change.

Joshua N. Melendez

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