ROMA is a powerful film that expresses emotion, drama, intensity, and love without saying a single word. Adam Gonzalez & Damian Bastar did an amazing job writing and directing this award winning feature and portraying it across the screen in classic black and white. The way music is incorporated to set any and every mood or tone is a design that is in most films but Roma takes it to a new level. Since there are no words in the film, the music not only sets the mood but speaks to you when the actors do not. You soon realize that words are not needed to express how a person feels. Roma is a testament that body language and music can say more than words ever could. If you appreciate art at any capacity than I highly recommend you see this film because that’s truly what it is: A work of art.

See trailer below:

Roma has been screened at: The International Biegarten,The International Film Festival Manhattan, and The International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival, where it was the winner of “The People’s Choice Award.” The next screening will be at The Picture House on Sunday January 24th, 2015 in Pelham New York at 8pm.



“ROMA: The Silent Film”

Directed by: Adam Gonzalez
Written/Produced by: Adam Gonzalez & Damian Bastar
Executive Producer: Frankie Negron
Flaco Navaja as JOSH
Babyann Hernandez as ROMA
Darrell Tulcin as DEAN
By: Joshua N. Melendez
Joshua N. Melendez

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