Aquaman: Did DC get it right?

DC has not had the smoothest transition from comics to movies while bringing The Justice League to the big screen. After an opening week that didn’t quite meet expectations from the box office the movie has received a lot of criticism and negative reviews. There’s the reshoots, two different visions for the movie with Snyder and Whedon, and a sub par villain in Steppenwolf. But what about the casting? Most of the heroes are pretty spot on with the comic depiction of the JL characters. All of them except for Aquaman. Jason Momoa portrays the Atlantean in Batman vs Superman and The Justice League. We agree that Momoa is a bad ass and definitely has the look of  a superhero. But, was Aquaman the superhero he could best portray? Momoa has a rugged look, long wavy hair, and tattoos which the “classic” Aquaman has none of. Aquaman is traditionally clean-cut, shaved, and blonde hair. A look which actor Ryan Gosling would be almost perfect for (visually). 


Now some will agree and some will say I’m out of my mind that DC got Aquaman right. Again, we do think Momoa is 100 percent super hero material.  As a matter of fact if they bring this character to the DCU, I challenge DC to find a better suited actor than Momoa to play neither the hero nor the villain but the bad ass known as LOBO. 

Even dressed as Aquaman, Momoa looks more like Lobo than Aquaman. Momoa has the swag, attitude, talk, look and appeal of Lobo, in fact Momoa is damn near the real life Lobo.  So did DC get it right with Momoa and Aquaman? What are your thoughts?

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